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Pre-Employment Reference Checks

The "best" people are the heart of any successful organization - hiring them takes time.

Does Your Organization.........

  • Lack sufficient time and resources to conduct thorough reference checks?
  • Have difficulty obtaining quality information?
  • Forego obtaining thorough character and job performance information, thus
  • running the risk of a negligent hiring claim?

Failure to Perform Background Checks Can Be Costly...

When you fail to perform reference checks on prospective employees, you expose your company to serious liability, expense and lost productivity. You may be liable for "negligent hiring." Other hidden costs of failure to perform thorough reference checks include: unemployment tax increases, turnover, poor company morale, customer dissatisfaction, and duplication of recruiting costs.

How Do You Avoid This Dilemma?

CMEA The Employer Association's combination of knowledge and experience in the human resource field offers you quality pre-employment verification and may save your firm the expense associated with a hiring "mistake."

Our Pre-Employment Reference Check Service will regularly investigate five important areas of an applicants background:

  • Employment history (past 5 years)
  • Job performance
  • Academic record
  • Credit history
  • Criminal conviction record (in area county)

For more information on our Pre-Employment Reference Check Service please call our office at (508) 481-5244 or click contact usto fill out our contact request form.