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Employee Opinion Survey

Do You Know How Your Employees Feel About:

  • pay & benefits
  • work & safety conditions
  • supervisory effectiveness
  • employee security & promotion
  • management
  • communication & recognition
  • employee relations

It is tough to ask your employees these important questions for many reasons:

  • you are busy with your own day-to-day activities
  • your employees are busy
  • you may be uncomfortable asking the questions
  • it may be difficult for any employee to respond honestly and openly

If you really want to know, as more and more employers do - then CMEA can help.

How does the Opinion Survey Work?

Through the use of a comprehensive questionnaire, the Employee Opinion Survey allows employers to gain information from the honest, confidential responses of their employees about the subjects indicated.

What is the Role of CMEA in this Service?

In order for your employees to respond in an open and honest way, confidentiality and impartiality are important factors that must be preserved. For these reasons CMEA serves as the neutral third party between management and employees thus ensuring that the employees' responses remain anonymous.

We conduct group orientation sessions for employees so that they know what to expect from the survey. We then prepare and review the results of the survey with top management, and will suggest appropriate action to be taken.

We invite you to contact us today! for more information.