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Human Resource Audits

In order to set the future direction of your HR function, you must know where you stand right now. A human resource audit will provide a comprehensive, objective review of your current status and a confidential written report that will serve as your roadmap for future action. The scope of the audit varies according to organizational needs.

Choose from the following types of audits or customize your own:

Compliance Audit

  • Employee selection process
  • Recordkeeping
  • Benefits administration including leaves of absence
  • Compensation administration
  • Policy administration, forms, etc.
  • Complaints, corrective action (discipline) and discharge

Comprehensive Audit

This audit includes all components of the compliance audit as well as the following:

  • Employment contracts and agreements
  • Safety
  • Training, placement and promotion
  • Affirmative Action and EEO
  • Communication programs
  • Union environment

Following an on-site audit you will receive a confidential written report detailing your current practices, identifying your strengths as well as potential problems and liabilities, and offering practical, proactive recommendations for improvement. Sample policies, forms and other tools to assist in audit implementation will be included.

Audit Enhancements

  • Written executive summary
  • Follow-up meetings with key individuals in your organization to review the audit results
  • Priority setting and action planning related to the audit results
  • Periodic updates to keep on track with the action plan
  • Annual audits to measure progress and reassess priorities
  • Provide an HR professional to implement, or assist in the implementing, programs and modifications

Our Human Resource Partner services are designed to provide flexible, customized options to meet your HR needs. CMEA The Employers Association does not offer cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all services, we work with you to determine the specific needs of your organization.

For more information on our Human Resource Partner Services please call our office at (508) 481-5244 or click contact usto fill out our contact request form.