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Affirmative Action Services

Written Affirmative Action Plans are required of employers who have fifty (50) or more employees and have contracts, subcontracts, and/or some grants with the federal government in excess of $50,000.

These plans, comprised of over 100 pages of statistical and narrative material, must be maintained on an annual basis.

The federal government has provided little guidance on the proper development of an affirmative action plan and its myriad laws and regulations.

Let the knowledgeable associates of CMEA help!

Affirmative Action Plan Design

Acomprehensive plan that reflects your organization and addresses all the necessary federal laws and regulations.

Affirmative Action Audit

An evaluation of your company's affirmative action plan, employment policies, practices and recordkeeping to determine if your organization is meeting all of the prevailing federal affirmative action laws and regulations. A written report will be prepared with the assessment, conclusions and a suggested plan of action to bring your company into compliance.

The federal government has increased funding for the auditing of affirmative action plans. In addition, innovative compliance and enforcement procedures have been instituted to audit company plans with little or no notice.

Can your company withstand an audit from the federal government?

Affirmative Action Plan Review and Editing

Numerous regulatory changes have been implemented that have forced employers to revamp their existing affirmative action plans. We will review and edit your existing plan to ensure that it is up-to-date and complete.

Affirmative Action Design and Maintenance Training

Your staff will be trained in the design and writing of an affirmative action plan as well as in generating the required statistical reports. Training is done on-site at your organization's location.

Inaccurate or incomplete plans can result in the termination of government contracts already in effect and will disqualify you from future government contract opportunities.

Make sure this doesn't happen to you - call us today!